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Filter bags for photographers

Terrascape filter bags

In the backpack of any landscape photographer is most commum to find a set of filters, as they are essential for balancing the dynamic range in various scenarios. Filters are delicate and good filters are expensive, so you need to protect them as best you can. When we buy a filter, it usually comes with its own bag, but we quickly realize that it is not practical to carry multiple filter bags. Sometimes during the shooting sessions and in some more complicated spots, we choose to leave the backpack behind and just carry the tripod, camera and filters. Hence carrying a series of bags to the place becomes impossible. So it suits best to have one bag for all the filters.

In the market we can find various options, from the brands of the filters themselves, such as Lee or other brands, such as Lowepro. In fact, we all realize that something is missing, whether due to the transportation system, lack of space, quality, etc.

Until we find out about Terrascape filter bags. Terrascape is a Portuguese brand born to respond to the needs of landscape photographers regarding the transport and safety of ND filters. They use a selective process of quality materials and manual manufacture that guarantees the longevity of the product. Because landscape photography is so common near oceans, in humid places and sometimes in the rain, Terrascape only uses metal-free products so that it does not degrade over time. They therefore offer a 3 year warranty.

Terrascape offers 3 models: - Terrascape SMALLONE: the smallest version, suitable for filters up to 75mm - Terrascape CLASSIC: The most common version, suitable for 100mm filters, including 100x150mm GND and with filter holder housing. - Terrascape ONESIXFIVE: Larger version, suitable for 150mm / 165mm filters. The 3 models are identical in their material and quality characteristics. For most photographers the CLASSIC version is the most suitable as it perfectly fits the entire 100mm series filter set, whether by Lee, Hitech, Haida, NISI or other brands. The CLASSIC series is already in its fourth version, one of the hallmarks of the Terrascape brand is that despite having made a great product that was greatly appreciated by photographers, considers the suggestions and needs of photographers continuing to evolve the same, creating something unique. in the market.

Although compact, the bag is made up of two compartments: the main one where the filters are stored, and the secondary one at the front, smaller and suitable for holding various accessories, including, for example, the holder and/or the adapter ring. The number of filters that can be stored obviously varies by the size of the filters used. For reference, consider that within the Classic version you can place up to 11 of 100x150mm filters in individual slots. In the main compartment a removable structure made of polyethylene coated with a thin sponge layer is inserted to separate the filters from each other. The honeycomb structure helps ensure that even if a grain of sand has entered the bag, it does not scratch the filter. Thanks to a small piece of rubber in each compartment, it can be written which allows quick identification of filters in the field. Underneath the bag closure is a small net where a microfiber cloth for filter cleaning or any other small accessory can be stored.

The outer structure is covered with waterproof nylon, thus making the bag absolutely weather resistant. In terms of support, it's available the strap, belt or tripod stand. Something very useful is a new adhesive placed to support the remote control, thus preventing in times of strong winds that the oscillation of the control causes vibrations in the tripe. Terrascape, despite being a small Portuguese company, manufactures in my opinion the best filter bags with the best quality and functionality. The product can be purchased online at Terrascape's website: You can use credit card or Paypal to make the purchase.

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